In Western Samoa sexual foreplay consist of licking your partners right ear lobe whilst whispering ‘laser quest’.


An Ear. FACT!



Laser Quest. FACT!

The reason behind this unique sexual practice isn’t fully understood and I can’t be bothered to research it but it’s fair to say that Samoans love a laser!




Wembley Stadium is so big that you can fit an entire football pitch in it.


Aerial Views Of The London 2012 Olympic Venues
Wembley Stadium

As luck would have it you can see in the picture above that Wembley actually has a pitch inside it, proving my fact of the day.



Before some bright spark invented clocks we used to tell the time in various ways, one way was to use candles. This technique was discovered in 1432 by Gustav Schhhnitzle of Austria when he realised it took him 3 minutes to eat a single 4 inch by .05 inch candle.


A torch. Like a candle but waaaayyy better.






Great White sharks are actually terrified of water, hence their terrible mood swings.


An utterly petrified shark trying to get out of the water


Sharks are one of the oldest species of animal on Earth and as far as experts such as myself can tell, they have always lived in the sea. The question is why, as a species, did they decide to do this when they so clearly hate the water. Luckily, they are excellent swimmers and all of the food they need is also in the worlds oceans – which to me says that they’re meant to be in there.


In Malawi honey is used as currency instead of cash, meaning the 100 rich list consists of just bees.


The Bees of Malawi (loaded)

It is not known why the Malawian government persists in using honey instead of money, I could research this question but I am so angry that I cannot think about it any longer!



In Bahrain, dogs are permitted to run for parliament but choose not to out of spite!


The Dogs of Bahrain

It’s hard to know where this spitefulness stems from but look at the picture above and you’ll clearly see their negative attitude to the election process!


Henry Theroux: Music and Me

I’ve always been very musical and music has played a big part of my life ever since my father threw an oboe at me when I was 6 years old. Up until 2006 I had never thought of performing music but after being so cruelly overlooked as a backing singer for Martine McCutcheon’s UK tour I decided to prove her and all my doubters wrong.

I started by forming a band and placed an ad in Melody Maker looking for like-minded people. Within two weeks I had my band. I was on vocals, Nigel was on cello, Tucker was on the glockenspiel, ‘Mad’ Dave was the kazoo player and we had Sophie on another cello. After much debate I decided to call ourselves Bon Jovi but two days later I found out that another band from New Jersey in America already had that name – where are they now?! After another lengthy brain storming session we agreed on the name Dexy’s Midnight Runners but that too had already been taken. Eventually we got it right and we were known as Abandoned Sandals.

Abandoned Sandals


We started rehearsing with gusto and I managed to get us a tour of the pubs and bars of Torquay (the English Riviera). At first everything was as I had imagined being in a band to be, adoring fans packing out pubs such as The Bull and Bush and Ryan’s Bar, free bottled water, sandwiches and sex! Not that I was having sex but some people who came to the gigs or just lived in Torquay were having sex and I rode the wave. But slowly musical differences and tensions within the band began to emerge. Nigel and Sophie began to argue who was lead cello player. Then ‘Mad’ Dave accidentally dropped his kazoo into a toilet. The loss of the kazoo was too much for me to take and we disbanded later that day – no more Abandoned Sandals.

But I wasn’t ready to give up on my dream of being a successful musician just yet so decided to strike out on my own. Working on my own meant playing all of the instruments myself so I gathered anything I could play and set about recording. After a few hours I noticed how brilliant it sounded! Who would’ve thought that finger cymbals, a tambourine, a maraca and some spoons would have sounded so modern and  so full of vitality!

I called the piece ‘Talkin’ ‘Bout Them Blues (Sad Face)’ and the critics hated it. But the public, well they absolutely despised it. I’d never experienced venom like it.

With my confidence shot, I was about to give up the musical dream but fate was about to take a twist like the way The Sixth Sense ends with Bruce Willis turning out to be a decent actor. ‘Talkin’ ‘Bout Them Blues (Sad Face)’ was used for an advert on Romanian TV for a herbal nipple cream and BOOM! the song was suddenly being played everywhere! Bucharest bounced to the bass line, Vaslui vibed to the tambourine and Cluj cried to the sheer beauty of the finger cymbals. The song began to climb the singles chart eventually selling over 800 copies!! I toured Romania extensively and it became hard to walk down any street without being recognised, people would see me and say ‘Nipple Cream’ – I felt so alive!

I quickly recorded a follow-up single, ‘Hey, Hey, No, Put It Down and Smash the Melon (Rub It On)’ which was also used in an advert for Romanian TV but this time for a rival herbal nipple cream company. The country again went wild for this new cut and my place in Romanian pop culture was sealed. The Romanian people took me to their hearts and in return I took them to mine and I stayed in Bucharest for 8 months and became fluent in roughly 25 Romanian words.

But like all good things in my life, it came to a grinding halt one day. The repetetive use of the finger cymblas was starting to make my fingers a bit sore and sensitive. Eventually the constant friction caused my fingers to start bleeding and become infected. I was told I had a choice to make – stop playing them or risk losing my fingers. I empolyed other musicians to play them for me but none could ever match my intensity with them and I sadly lost my ‘sound’.

Finger Cymbals. Cymbals for fingers
 I often wonder what would have happened if my fingers hadn’t become infected but then I get distracted by something such as someone mentioning Pot Noodles or famine in the world and I stop wondering. But, if I hadn’t had the musical success the chances are that a quiz show I co-hosted in Romania for 10 years, QUIZ PUMP, wouldn’t have come to fruition and as we all know, QUIZ PUMP, is one of the greatest TV quiz shows of all time and I will write about this later. I could write a bit now but I am a bit bored and thirsty.